Seica Test Solutions

Established: 1986; in Strambino, Canavese, Italy.
Subsidiaries in France, United States, China nad Germany
A Global Distribution Network (Covenant);
First development was the In-circuit Test System for domestic electronics;
World leader in Flying Probe and Functional Test Systems;
Seica systems are installed in over 1,000 locations worldwide.

Seica has 5 different product lines:
Pilot: Flying Probe Test Systems;
Valid: High Performance Test Systems
BBT: Bare Board Test Systems;
Compact: In-circuit and Functional Test Systems; and
Firefly: Laser Selective Soldering Systems.

Automatic Flying Probe Test Systems:
World's most versatile and complete auto fly probe test;
Offers widest range of solutions and performances;
Ranging 2-8 test probes for today's electronic boards;
Simultaneously test one or both sides of the board; and
Can be positioned either horizontally or verstically.

Pilot L4

Pilot M4

Pilot V8

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