In-Circuit (ICT) & On-Board Part Programming System;
Established in 1987. Arlington, Washington;
Supplying over 3,000 test systems in more that 40 contries;
CheckSum in circuit systems are designed to test all typs of circuit assemblies;
Leading supplier of ICT and on-board gang programming systems and services;
Products and services includes systems, fixtures and programs;
Designed to detect manufacturing process faulths on complex SMT printed circuit assemblies.

Multi-Board On-Board Programming

12KN Model - MultiWriters ppsTM
On-board gang programming system uses proven, patented simultaneous programming technology to program up to 384 chips simultaneously;
Up to 16 different types of families;
Typically in seconds instead of the minutes required by conventional programmers.

In Circuit Test (ICT) plus Part Programming

ems & ems+ft 12KN
High-coverage in circuit test and functional test and functional test.

Analyst ems TR-3-Console
Vacuum-based in circuit test.

In Circuit Test on Tilt Probe Wireless Fixtures
Flying Probe Alternative

Backplane / Backpanel Test
Testronics Model 401 Upgrade Retrofit

Analyst fcs
Fixture compatible in circuit test

Analyst ils
In-line in circuit test

Analyst ems
In circuit test

Analyst ems
In circuit test

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